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National Health Law Moot Court Competition Sign Ups

Any interested 2L, 3L, or 4L may sign up now for the National Health Law Moot Court Competition, held at Southern Illinois University School of Law in Carbondale, Illinois November 6-7.  The team’s coach is Professor Jordan.  At least one team of two students will be selected for the competition.  Additional students may be selected based on competition interest.   

Interested students must submit the following to the Moot Court Board Office in a sealed envelope (place under the door if no one is there):

  1. Resume
  2. Letter of interest (1 page maximum)
  3. Writing sample (brief, memo, etc.)

The deadline for submission of these items is Thursday, Aug. 20th at 4:00. 

Professor Jordan will review the submissions and will conduct interviews on Friday, Aug 21st beginning at 3pm.  Students will explain the substance of their legal argument or analysis from their writing sample in the interviews.

Students who satisfactorily participate in the competition will receive two hours of academic credit.  Additionally, students will enhance their writing skills by completing a written brief.  The brief is due on October 2.

Finally, the MPRE is also given on November 7.  Students taking Professional Responsibility may still participate in the competition and take the MPRE in the spring.

The competition's website is


Direct any questions to Andrew Swafford.

Last Day To Add A Class & Refund Dates

Friday, August 21 is the last day to add a class or change a class to an audit.



Friday, August 21      100% refund

Friday, Sept. 4             50% refund

Friday, Sept. 11           25% refund

Second Annual Conference on Innovation and Communication Law

This year's Innovation and Communication Law conference will focus mainly on the role intellectual property and communications law play in the dissemination of information. As a result, discussion will focus less on the creation of rights and more on how the legal system helps (or hinders) the development of knowledge.

Attendance at the Saturday morning session has been approved for two CLE ethics credits.

The event will be held this Friday and Saturday, August 21-22, at the Louisville Marriott Downtown.

Free tickets are available to students, but meals are not included.

For more information, visit:


Take Control of Your Studying Before Too Much Time Flies By

  • Designate one place in your apartment where you will have your law school study center.  Organize all of your casebooks, study aids, dictionaries, binders, spiral notebooks, and other study materials in this one spot.  When you finish with a binder or casebook or stapler, return it to its place.  You will waste less time searching for your law school materials if you have one spot for everything.
  • Make a shopping list of what study materials you need and stock your apartment study center now.  Buy extra notepads, pens, ink cartridges, printer paper, paper clips, and other materials.  By anticipating your needs for the semester, you can avoid multiple or panicked trips to the office supply store later.  Also, you may be able to save money by buying bulk quantities instead of separate purchases of the items over time. 
  • Lay out everything you will need the next day before you go to bed.  It is easier to get organized while you can think calmly about the items you need for each class.  Grabbing up items as you rush out the door will likely lead to not having everything you need once you arrive at the law school.
  • Purchase a large dry erase board for your study center if you think it will help you.  Visual learners often benefit greatly from a dry erase board with multiple colors of markers.  Create flowcharts, methodologies, IRAC outlines for practice question answers, or other information initially on a dry erase board.  You can add, delete, and modify until you are happy with the result.  Then, you can copy the final version on to the computer or paper.  Some students use the dry erase board for calendaring and listing “to do” items. 
  • Use monthly and weekly schedules and daily “to do” lists to organize yourself.    The monthly schedule can be used for deadlines and assigning daily tasks to meet the deadlines on time.   The weekly schedule can be used to design a study schedule that can be repeated most weeks to make certain you are getting all study tasks done each week.   “To do” lists can be used to prioritize the most important tasks each day. 

Law Library Fall Semester Hours

The law library returns to its regular schedule on Monday, August 17. During the fall semester, we will generally be open from 8 AM - 11 PM Monday thru Thursday, 8 AM - 6 PM on Fridays, 9AM - 6 PM on Saturdays, and 1 PM - 11 PM on Sundays.

Refer to the library hours for details and excpetions.


Congratulations to Ten Upper-Division Law Students Selected to be Academic Fellows

The Director of Academic Success is pleased to announce that the following 10 upper-division law students have been chosen to serve as Academic Fellows in the fall:


Brian Bennett

Holly Hudelson

Megan Keane

Tina Nance

Rexena Napier

Bradley Palmer

Aaron Price

Kristine Tarra Ragan

Maddie Schueler

Andrew Swafford


The Brandeis Academic Fellows will be responsible for facilitating weekly structured study group sessions in Contracts for all first-year students.  The 10 Academic Fellows were selected based on their solid academic records, interpersonal skills, maturity and genuine willingness to assist first-year law students learn effective law school study skills.   


[Orientation] Last minute list: Check weather, remember Computer Help Day, and register for your classes.

Right now the forecast for Tuesday includes thunderstorms; bring umbrellas, because you will be outside.  


Remember, you check in at the law school early Tuesday morning, but then walk to Strickler Hall for the opening ceremony in the Strickler Auditorium.  


Don't forget about Computer Help Day on Monday.  


And, if you haven't already, register for the classes listed in your UofL email.


We'll see you soon!     

[orientation] Addendum to IT and Computer Help Day August 10


The IT session during our regular orientation (on Tuesday August 11) is not for getting your computer set up on the law school/UofL system.  The IT session on Tuesday is about policies and procedures.  If you want to make sure you're set up on the law school server, wireless, etc., come to the law school for the Computer Help Day, August 10.  See below for details.


[orientation] IT and Computer Help Day August 10


Computer "Help" Day for New Students

Monday, August 10, will be a computer "help" day for new students at the Brandeis School of Law.  The IT staff will be available in room 177 from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm (closed for lunch between noon and 1:00 pm) to help new students connect their laptops to ... 
  • The University's wireless network,
  • The School of Law's file server, on which every student has storage space, and
  • The School of Law's dedicated laptop printer.
This will be your only opportunity before the first day of class, Monday, August 17, to get wired.  The IT staff will not be available to help individual students with their laptops during the rest of Orientation week.  However, all new students will receive a lot more technology-related information during Orientation sessions on Tuesday, August 11.

[Registration] Information Has Been Sent: Check your UofL Email



We have sent course/section assignments to all part-time and full-time students.  Students must register for these courses on ULINK.  Please check your UofL email immediately.  


Part-time students should have already registered.  Full-time students should register now.  In any event, students must register no later than Sunday August 9.  All registration problems must be resolved by the end of business day August 10.  


If you believe there is a mistake in your email, please contact Professor Bean immediately at  If you have having trouble registering, contact Dean Hamilton at  They will both monitor their email in the next few days and respond as quickly as possible.  


Remember, all sections, courses and times are assigned for your first year of law school.  You must register for the courses in your email and those courses only.