Student News

Join us for another Brandeis "Brief" Break

It’s happening here – another “brief” break!!  Students, staff, and faculty are invited to the Cox Lounge, Thursday October 14, for a brief break from their computers and their books.  We’ll have every variety of Krispy Kreme you can imagine!  So please join us anytime between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m. 


Want to take non-law graduate level courses? Early deadlines apply.

Dual degree and other students taking non-law graduate level courses must have the permission of the Associate Dean for Student Life.  Registration for these course occurs BEFORE law school registration.  Law students thus need to do the paperwork now if they want to take these courses.  The rules are set out in the Student Handbook on page 14: .  The form you need to fill out is attached. 

Last Day to Withdraw

Reminder:  October 15 (Friday) is the last day to withdraw from a class.

Labor and Employment Law Moot Conducting Sign-ups!

Individuals interested in trying out for the Labor and Employment Law Moot Court Team can sign up on the Moot Court Board now.  
Try-outs will be held on Wednesday, October 20 and Thursday, October 21.  Next to the sign up sheet, there is an information sheet for applicants to fill out and return to the folder. 
Applicants should prepare a 10-12 minute oral argument on City of Ontario v. Quon, 130 S. Ct. 2619 (U.S. 2010) for the try-outs and be prepared to argue either side of the case. 
The deadline for signing up for a try-out is 7:30 p.m. on Monday, October 18.  Any questions can be directed to Andrea Fagan at

Photos from the Alumni Awards Banquet

Judge Edwin Schroering, Gregory Cinnamon, and Jim Chen


On October 6, invited guests attended the 2010 Alumni Awards Banquet to honor several individuals who have made significant contributions to the legal community and to the work of the University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law.

Among the distinguished honorees were Barbara Lewis, the 2010 Alumni Fellow and Tom Blackburn, recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award. Additionally, the following faculty were acknowledged as the first recipients of the Jonathan N. Helfat Endowment Award: Karen Jordan, Les Abramson, and Tony Arnold.

Many thanks to the staff, faculty, alumni, students and members of the Black Law Students Association who planned and attended the event.

Academic Success Tip - Follow Instructions (a reminder)

Whether you are working on a writing assignment or getting ready to take an exam, one of the easiest and most important things to remember is to follow your professors' instructions.  Whatever the instructions may be, do not overlook them.  You do not want to lose points over careless mistakes.

National Environment Law Moot Court Competition--DEADLINE EXTENDED!!

The Twenty-third Annual National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition (NELMCC) will be held Thursday, February 24, through Saturday, February 26, 2011, at Pace Law School, White Plains, New York.  Past problems have covered topics that varied from sunken treasure to recycled iPhones.  The team for this competition will consist of three individuals who will compose a brief addressing an issue of environmental law.  The team will then travel to White Plains to compete in February by arguing all three sides of the issue.  This year’s problem will be released on October 4, 2010.  The brief will be due on November 29, 2010.  More information about the competition is available at  While experience with environmental law or administrative law would be helpful, it is certainly not necessary.  The coaches for this year’s competition are Algeria Ford and Brian Pollock.  If you are interested in being a part of the team, please send the following information to Brian Pollock via email (

1. Brief Statement of Interest in Environmental Law and/or moot court competition (150 words or less).
2. Resume
3. Writing Sample (5 pages or less) - You may select a larger sample of work to send, but please indicate the 5 pages which you would like to be most fully considered.

The extended deadline for applications is Tuesday, October 12.  Interested individuals will be contacted for a brief interview.  If you have any additional questions, please contact Brian Pollock at

Academic Success Tip - Do You Feel Behind on Your Outlines?

The Law School's mid-term break is on Monday.  This long weekend is the perfect opportunity to get caught up with outlining in each of your courses.  Try these tips:

  • For each course, calculate how many weeks behind you are in the outline. 
  • Start with the course that is most caught up and finish that outline first.  Then work on the next outline that has the fewest weeks to catch up and so forth.
  • If you are equally behind in several outlines, start with the course that you think you can do most quickly. 
  • If you have not started any outlines, decide which outline will be the easiest to do and complete it first.  Next easiest and so forth.
  • Block off time in your schedule to work on each outline over several days, rather than expect to find 8 or 10 hours straight for outlining.
  • Set goals for when each outline will be current.  Try to have all outlines completed within 10 days – the earlier the better.
  • You will need to sacrifice weekend “fun” time to get on top of your outlining so that you only have to add new material each week.

Kudos for JLE Members

Congratulations to Holly Hudelson and Jamie Izlar whose notes were chosen for publication in the JLE's October 2010 issue.  Holly's note discusses the 2009 Supreme Court case, Safford Unified School District #1 v. Redding, and argues that the assistant principal who ordered the strip search to find ibuprofen on thirteen-year-old Redding should not have been granted qualified immunity.  Her note is entitled "Spare the Rod, but a Strip Search Is Okay? The Effect of Qualified Immunity and Allowing a Strip Search in School."  Jamie's note examines how the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) has failed immigrant, English language learner, and limited English proficient students and proposes that NCLB should be amended to include social integration program provisions to help close the achievement gap between English speaking and non-English speaking students.  Her note is entitled "Globalizing No Child Left Behind: A Viable Catalyst in Implementing Progress for Social Integration Programs for Immigrant, English Language Learner, and Limited English Proficient Students."  Jamie's paper has also been accepted to the Hawaii International Conference on Education and she will be presenting her paper at the conference in Honolulu in January 2011.

Proposed Amendments to the SBA Constitution

Please visit the following link to see the proposed changes to the SBA Constitution. Students are encouraged to come to our next meeting, October 19 at 9 PM in Room 175, to voice any concerns that you might have regarding the constitution.