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SBA Career Services Committee -- Volunteers Wanted!

ATTENTION 2L, 3L & 4L Students: If you are interested in participating on the SBA Career Services Committee, please contact Bee Dean at The Committee will focus on working with and better communicating student needs to Career Services. During the spring semester, the SBA Career Services Committee will participate in providing Mock Interviews for 1L students. An informational meeting will follow once the SBA has an idea of how many students would like to participate! QUESTIONS -- please contact Bee Dean.

New books arrive in Washer Lounge

The Washer Lounge has a mini-library of recreational books funded by the late Judge Ben Washer. New books have been added today. All books are checked out on the honor system--just fill out the card in the back of the book and leave it in the box on the shelves.

SBA Bookstore Hours and Locker Rental

SBA Bookstore Hours and Locker Rental

The Student Bar Association Bookstore will be open this fall, and we
will be selling study aids, older textbooks, law school clothing, and
other memorabilia. These items will all be sold at extremely discounted
prices. You can find the SBA Bookstore located directly to the left of
room 075. The bookstore will retain the following hours:

Monday- 3:00 - 4:30
Tuesday- 4:45 - 5:45

In addition, the Bookstore will also be the location in which you may
rent lockers. Currently, we have rented all the available lockers. We
are presently in the process of determining if there are lockers that
are not in use and hope to have additional lockers in the near future.
When this process is complete and additional lockers are available, the
student body will be advised.

Student Organization Funding Opportunity

Organizational Funding


If your student organization is producing an activity and you need funding, the ABA Law Student Division may be able to help.

The Division’s Grant Program supports new programs and projects of student organizations at ABA-approved law schools that provide professionalism and ethics training, promote diversity in the legal profession, and advance public interest and public service efforts in local communities.

Grant applications are reviewed on an individual basis throughout the year, and funds are awarded on a reimbursement basis only. Approved applications may receive $500 or less, depending on the nature of the project and the availability of funding. Applications must be received via e-mail by the Division’s Chicago office at least four weeks before the date of the project, which must be completed by May 1.

For detailed guidelines and to download an application, visit

Career Services Committee

ATTENTION 2L and 3L Students-

If you are interested in participating in the SBA Career Services Committee please contact Bee Dean at The Committee will focus on working with Career Services and better communicating student needs to Career Services. Also, the SBA Career Services Committee participates in providing Mock Interviews for 1L Students during the Spring Semester. An informational meeting will follow once I have an idea of how many people would like to participate!

SBA Halloween Design Contest

Interested in free Decedent's tickets?  Submit a t-shirt design for
Halloween to the SBA.  On September 27th and 28th, the student body will vote
for the best design.  The winner will not only get their design printed, but
will also receive two free tickets to the Decedent's Ball.

Please submit your designs for a white t-shirt, with no more than three
colors involved, by September 26th.

Student Petition Re: Changes to Law School's Academic Calendar (2008-2009)

For the 2008-2009 academic year, the administration has proposed that the Fall semester begin August 25 and end December 19. Consequently, Spring semester would begin January 12 and end May 8. Therefore, the Oaks and Derby would be in the middle of the finals period. Also accompanying these date changes is the fact that graduation would now be a commencement ceremony on May 9 -- some honors would be presented but final grades would not be available for all the academic honors. And finally, diplomas would be provided at a later date.

The Student Bar Association is asking students to consider these changes. If you support the attached petition against the revised academic calendar, please see your SBA representative to sign the petition, stop by the SBA office to find out more about the reasons behind the calendar changes or to sign the petition, and/or ask any SBA member about the impact of the calendar changes.


NOTE: Petition is posted on the SBA Office's Door and will be handed out during classes.

Lavender Law Conference Thank You

Lambda Law Caucus would like to thank Dean Chen and the administration of the law school for their assistance to our members who attended the 2007 Lavender Law Conference last week in Chicago. The conference is a valuable opportunity for law students to network with one another as well as professionals, and to learn about cutting-edge topics in the law as they affect LGBT people around the world. Our appreciation also goes out to SBA President Justin Fowles for his assistance in obtaining funding from the University's student government, and to University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law alum Bert Greenwell for his continued support of our mission to make the law school an inclusive place for all law students.

Undergraduate Moot Court Volunteer Judges Needed

Attn: All Law Students

The undergraduate Moot Court team is in need of volunteers to judge practice Moot Court sessions at Ekstrom Library.  You would volunteer for one hour in October or the beginning of November - it is a limited time commitment.  Please contact Mary Hora at or 502-595-3436 if you are interested.  This would be a beneficial opportunity for any law student and a great resume booster.


See Mary's description of the hypothetical below:

There is a hypothetical case that the students are arguing which the judges should read over beforehand (should take about twenty minutes).  The case involves the Congressional gun free school zones act, and the two issues are 1)the scope of the 2d Amendment right to bear arms and 2)whether in passing the act Congress exceeded its powers under the Commerce Clause.  I would be happy to provide questions to judges who are not familiar enough with con law to formulate impromptu questions.  I also think that even law students who haven't done con law yet could come up with some really good questions on the spur of the moment, especially on the 2d Amendment question.

Softball Results

As Tom Hanks pointed out, "There's no crying in baseball." The "Rookies" 1L team managed to pull out a slim 19-11 victory over the Veterans last Saturday at Churchill Park before a near-sellout crowd of faculty, staff, significant others, two Dachshunds, a Boxer, and a Border Collie. The Veterans succumbed to their more youthful opponents despite near-error-free fielding and the help of a "ringer" Chris Thompson, son of Registrar Barbara Thompson. Watch the Daily Docket for news of future softball and other sporting events.