SBA Reps and Contact Information

Your SBA would like to remind you of your elected representatives and provide you with a method of contact:

President: Jacob Giesecke

Vice President: J. Brandon Johnson

Secretary: Charlie Rowland

Treasurer: Paul Bradford

Social Chair: Christy Ferko

Technology Chair: Brian Strunk 

Fundraising Chair: Erica Wood

Public Relations Chair: Jessica Williamson

Public Service Chair: Tara Skaggs

ABA Rep: Derek Miles

Career Services Chair: Dani Smith

SGA Senators: Damon McCormick

3L Day Class Rep: Erin Kimla and Shawn Spalding

2L Day Class Rep: Billy Avery and Gayle Johnson

1L Section 1 Rep: Scott Harper

1L Section 2 Rep: Jessica Homer

LBA Rep: Isaac Fain