Campus-wide Student Government Elections

Professional School Students,

Belknap campus SGA elections have begun this week (Mon-Thurs). Historically there has been a very small amount of voting from the professional schools (Medical, Dental, Law, Nursing). It has gotten to the point where candidates do not even campaign on our respective campuses because they dont think it will make a difference. We need to change this. The only way that we can get our initiatives passed, and ensure that the professional schools are not put on the back burner, is to show that we are a force in the voting polls!!

As the budgets have been increased this year it is very important for us to set the precedent as a United Front and show that our voice will be heard! Some of you may know some of the candidates from undergrad. I urge you to look at their initiatives, ask questions and vote for the candidate that will help out the professional schools the most! If you have any questions please feel free to call me.

The Presidential Candidates this year are:
-Jeremy Cole Bozarth
-AJ Bucci
-Carrie Mattingly

Voting takes 15 seconds:
To Vote -> go to ->Login -> Student services -> Ballots -> Vote for your Candidates!


For general information about SGA elections, including candidate bios, please visit the SGA website by clicking here