Congratulations to the National Trial Team!

Please join the Moot Court Board in congratulating the University of Louisville School of Law's National Trial Team on a stellar performance last weekend. Led by coaches Robert A. Riley and Jessica Schulte, the team of Samantha Constantine, Naomi Warnick, Lacey Gullett, and Pete Lay went head to head with several law schools in the Regionals for theĀ  National Trial Competition hosted in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The team of Lacey Gullett and Naomi Warnick argued admirably and were complimented for their thorough grasp of both sides of the case as well as their ability to win several hotly contested evidentiary disputes within the first several rounds. The team of Samantha Constantine and Pete Lay advanced to the quarter-final round after sweeping all the ballots in the first and third preliminary rounds of the competition. In the quarter-final round, Samantha Constantine began the round with an opening statement that presented "like a force of nature" and Pete Lay concluded the round with a closing argument that received three perfect scores from the three judges. The two were narrowly edged out by the trial team from the University of Kentucky law school that eventually went on to win the regional competition. The Moot Court Board is exceptionally proud of all the competitors and extends many thanks to the coaches, facilitators, and guest judges who helped the team prepare for the competition.