Record-Breaking Year for the Central Partnership Program Fundraiser

A special thank you to Becky Wenning and Rita Siegwald for their assistance and patience with the brief binding fundraiser this year. These two ladies were amazing! They also donated two reams of paper for the project.

We were able to raise $726 to benefit the Partnership Program. This money will go toward a Central student's internship at the Legal Aid Society and to pay for scholarships for the Summer Law Institute.

Another special thank you to Street Law teacher, Emily Peeler, for her assistance with the binding on Sunday afternoon.

Professor Bean, Professor Fischer, Professor Sweeney, and Professor Pettinato all did a wonderful job making announcements and giving students information about the fundraiser.

Finally, a thank you to all of the 1Ls who had their briefs bound: Alexa Cox, Jeff Perkins, David Scott Harper, Emily Fons, Amanda Birman, Ashby Angell, Phillip Heleringer, Jessica Hazelwood, Justin Lainhart, Ashton Smith, Gretchen Zimmerman, Jeremy Vizcarra, Kaleb Noblett, Eric Proctor, Justin Walker, Ben Siegel, Parker Sherwood, Andrew Marvin, Sarah Reddick, Wesley Pagles, Adrienne Stonecypher, Jessie Weinmann, Susan Martin, Michelle Dresselhaus, Leah Gravius, Bailey Schrupp, Andrew Daley, Kate Payton, Laura Edelen, Kim Lynch, Stephen Daugherty, Matthew Dawson, Corey Shiffman, Jen Weihmuller, Lee Wilson, Katie Halloran, Kellie Davis, Paige Clark, Jordan Hall, Jessica Wilkett, Hayleigh Hurt, Pete McLaughlin, Kevin Boswell, Matthew McClinton, Aaron Schechter, Dave Lackford, Miranda Ratcliffe, Ashle Motle, Ashley Ervin, John Abaray, Erica Crane, Nathan Shipley, Maegan Carek, Jenna Brady, and Chistina Natale.