Jefferson County Attorney's Office seeking Law Clerks

The Jefferson County Attorney’s Office is looking for 1L or 2L law students to conduct legal research in both Criminal and Civil areas of the office.

Responsibilities include:

Prepare pleadings, jury instructions, discovery and various other legal memoranda and court documents as requested by prosecutors and civil attorneys in the County Attorney’s Office.  Respond to various requests for legal research.  File documents with the courts.  Perform other tasks as needed to assist attorneys.  Deliver interdepartmental mail, and assist in hand deliveries.  Maintain law library.

Salary and Benefits include:

$10.50/hour for the first six month probationary period
$11.00/hour after probation is successfully completed
$12.00/hour after one year of service
Partial Tuition Assistance
Vacation, sick, personal time and holiday pay based upon work schedule.

Please submit resume to Ms. Debbie Hamm at: prior to April 5, 2013