Vol. 52 Membership Application

The University of Louisville Law Review is pleased to announce the release of the Membership Application for Volume 52. Being a member of a journal is a great honor and opportunity for students to further develop their research, writing, and citation skills. All current 1L and 2L students are encouraged to apply. Each First-Year Member will receive two credit hours for participation on the Law Review. First-Year Members are also responsible for writing a student note which has the potential to be published in the Volume 53 Law Review.

The Application consists of a grade release form and a write-on prompt (not to exceed six pages, double spaced). Applications are due on May 10th by 6 PM. Several printed copies of the application packet will be available in the Resource Center across from room 275. Electronic copies of the application instructions, write-on prompt, and grade release form are attached, as well as also available through the Law Review TWEN page. If you have any further questions please contact Nick Whitt at nwhittuk10@gmail.com.
Instructions for Law Review Application Vol. 52.doc31.5 KB
Law Review Write-on Prompt Vol. 52.doc38.5 KB
Grade Release Form Vol. 52.doc29.5 KB