Summer College of Business Course opportunity

The Business School will be offering a graduate-level Business Plan Development course this Summer, and invites graduate students from across the campus to enroll.  Enrollment in this course would be subject to the approval of the Assistant Dean for Student Life and the rules in the Student Handbook governing enrollment in and credit for graduate-level courses outside the law school.  Information about the course provided by the College of Business is below; for further information about the course or about tuition or other matters related to the course, please contact the College of Business.


ENTR 600-01 IMBA (Entrepreneurship MBA) 3.0 credit hours--OPEN TO Graduate level students from any discipline within U of L.
Summer 2013 –May 14-July 2 --Tuesday evenings 5:30 –College of Business Classroom 216
Course Objectives:  The primary aim of this course is to build all aspects of a business plan. The course specifically
focuses on business model development, strategic positioning, funding sources as well as working entrepreneurially within an organization (profit or non-profit).   Contact Suzanne Bergmeister (  852-0127) for more information.