Earn Academic Credit for Externship with General Electric

A new externship opportunity exists for Summer & Fall with the legal team of GE – Appliance Park.  A student extern can earn 2 credit hours working with GE in the summer, and 2-3 credits for field work in the fall.  The externship will provide opportunities across a broad range of in-house practice.  The legal department at GE has specialists in the following areas: IP Law (Patents, Copyright, Trademark); UCC transactions (Purchases and Sales); Labor and Employment; Competition Law/Antitrust; Regulatory (a wide practice area involving interaction with governments on everything from energy regulations to tax credits); Global Compliance (administering in house compliance programs on any and all applicable laws); Product Safety (ensures compliance with safety related laws and ensures safety of products from a risk-based viewpoint); Litigation (all types of litigation, including trial work); Marketing law (ensuring marketing claims are substantiated and not misleading) and International Trade Controls. 

The student extern will be placed under the supervision of a Senior Counsel supporting the commercial sales department, but may have exposure to other areas of practice and business operations, depending on need and student interest.  Will require 16 hours of work per week during the 7 week summer term; and 8-12 hours per week during the fall semester.  Prerequisites: 40 hours, including first year curriculum.  Contact Professor Jordan for more information.