2013 SBA Election Official Results

2103 SBA Election Official Results

President:  Dani Smith

Vice President:  Christy Ferko

Treasurer:  Eric Proctor

Secretary:  Charlie Rowland

Technology Chair:  Patrick Walsh

Career Services:  Lee Vish

3L Class Rep:   Jamie Hafley & Billy Avery

2L Class Rep:   Andrew Marvin and Kathryn Ball

ABA Rep:  Lauren Darrow

Public Service Chair:     Gayle Johnson

Social Chair:     Jessica Homer

Public Relations Chair:  Tara Skaggs

SGA Senators:  Sana Abhari & Miranda S. Ratcliffe

Fundraising Chair:  Erica Wood

3L Honor Council:  Michael Atkinson, Billy Avery, and Kaitlyn Jones

3L Alternates:  Jessica Williamson & Charlie Rowland

2L Honor Council:  To Be Determined by Run-off Election between Hayleigh Hurt, Miranda S. Ratcliffe, and Alexandra Chase Williams.  Two will be on the Honor Council, and one will be an Alternate.  The Run-off Election will occur on TWEN, begin Monday, April 8, 2013 at 9 AM, and close Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 12 PM.  The Run-off Election was extended due to the success of the University’s Basketball Teams!

Congratulations!  The last SBA meeting of the year is April 16, 2013 at 8:30 PM. in Room 175.  Current and Newly-Elected Officers are expected to attend.   If you cannot attend, you must email Charlie Rowland (charleswrowland@gmail.com) 24 hours in advance.  Honor Council Members and Alternates should plan to attend this meeting, or set an alternate time and send notice to Mr. Rowland, to discuss transitional matters. 




Please find the official 2013 SBA Election Results attached. 

SBA - Spring 2013 Election Official Results.docx12.35 KB