Reminder, the Second: Submit your Exam4 practice test.

Exam4 for Spring 2013 final exams is now available to download and install. Students wishing to use their computers for finals must complete and submit a practice test (choose "S13 Practice exam" during start-up) using Exam4 version 12.2A for Windows or 13.1.1 for Mac (all previous versions have expired) no later than 11:59 PM EDT, Friday, April 19, 2013.

New This Semester:

  • Exam4 now supports Windows 8.
  • You may now submit Exam4 practice tests with off-campus Internet access.
  • The IT Department is introducing a new practice test confirmation process.
  • Open Laptop mode is available for exams in Civil Procedure I (Abramson), Immigration Law (Trucios-Haynes) and Law and Economics (Smith).

NOTE: The new practice test confirmation app automatically appends "" to whatever one types in the Exam Number field, which is why using one's ULink user name is absolutely critical. The image below illustrates why using something other than one's ULink user name, such as random numbers or a student ID number, will NOT generate a confirmation message: because those aren't valid e-mail addresses. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever use your student ID number to identify yourself in Exam4 -- not for a practice, not for a real exam, not ever, no exceptions, period. We have never asked for student ID numbers and never will.

For complete information, see Exam4 Essentials for Spring 2013.