ACS Student Chapter 2013-2014 Elections

ACS annual elections today at noon in room LL80. Any returning law student is eligible to hold office. 
Below is a brief description of the available offices:

President: The President shall call ACS meetings, coordinate the operations and direction of the ACS, and serve as a liaison between the ACS and the U of L administration. 

Vice-President: The Vice-President shall call ACS meetings in the President's absence and coordinate the activities of the chairpersons. 

Secretary: The Secretary shall compile and maintain the minutes of meetings and the records of the organization, keep a current list of members, and be responsible for notifying members of meetings. 

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall maintain the financial accounts and records of the ACS, set forth the ACS's budget, submit the ACS‘s financial reports to the Student Bar Association according to SBA guidelines, submit event receipts to ACS for member reimbursable. 

Membership Chairperson: The Membership Chairperson shall organize a membership drive in the fall and shall organize additional membership drives as needed to recruit new members. 

Program Chairperson: The Program Chairperson shall plan and organize the events throughout the year with the assistance of other board members. 

We will have a brief question and answer session regarding the positions prior to voting. Free pizza from Tony Boombozz.