New One-Week Summer Skills Course offering

In response to student demand for a one-week intensive skills course during the Summer term, the law school will be offering a two-hour skills course in Domestic Violence during the week of May 20-24, taught by Professor Shelley Santry.  The course will meet from 10:30am - 4:30pm from Monday to Friday at the School of Law Clinic, 416 W Muhammad Ali Blvd.  There will be a written final exam as part of the last day of class.  In addition, students taking this course will prepare for and complete a mock hearing in a domestic violence case, under the supervision of Professor Santry. The mock hearing will be scheduled at a time convenient to the student and professor after the conclusion of the class meetings.   This is not a live-client clinic course; students therefore will not need to qualify for or apply for a limited license to practice law.  The course description is below.


Please be aware that Summer 2013 registration will be closed from April 17-21.  This is a University schedule and is not under the control of the law school.  You will be able to register for this course, and make any needed changes to your other course registrations, when the system re-opens on April 21.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Associate Dean Tim Hall or Director of Student Records Barbara Thompson.


Domestic Violence

Course Number: LAW 842-05 (University ID 3099)

Prerequisites: All first year required courses, unless waived by the professor teaching the course and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.


A study of the history, causes and effects, and treatment of domestic violence, and the responses of the legal system: tort suits, civil and criminal actions, roles of the courts and police. Violence between domestic partners will be examined cross-culturally and attention will be given to its effects upon children.