Roofing During Finals

Many of you have asked about the effect of the roofing work on our impending final exams.  Our Unit Business Manager, Jon-Paul Moody, has been in touch with the roofers to ask them to move their work elsewhere on the building during the days of finals, so that there will be no roofing noise directly over Room 275 during exams. In addition, just to be safe, I have moved all of the first day's exams (Wednesday April 24) out of 275, so that if the roofers are unable to move, or if there is a miscommunication, there will be no ill effects on that day. There are still some later exams scheduled in 275 at the moment, and 275 is the best room for some exams, but we will keep our ears open during exams, and if there are continuing noise issues, we will move as many exams out of 275 as possible. We will also distribute earplugs to students during exams.


Best of luck to everyone on your upcoming finals.