The Law Clinic is Accepting Applications


  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ONE WEEK SEMINAR (2 CREDITS) FOR THE WEEK OF May 20th – 25th from 10:30am – 4:30pm:

Domestic Violence
Course Number: LAW 842
Prerequisites: All first year required courses, unless waived by the professor teaching the course and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.
A study of the history, causes and effects, and treatment of domestic violence, and the responses of the legal system: tort suits, civil and criminal actions, roles of the courts and police. Violence between domestic partners will be examined cross-culturally and attention will be given to its effects upon children. This course will also involve skills training and satisfy the skills graduating requirement.


  • Summer Clinic I (2 or 3 credit option) beginning May 13th:

The Robert and Sue Ellen Ackerson Law Clinic represents victims of domestic violence and other low income clients in Jefferson County District & Family Court.  Most of our cases involve Emergency Protective Order hearings and housing/eviction cases.  

The Ackerson Law Clinic is a student run law firm supervised by Professor Shelley Santry. The student attorneys are responsible for handling all aspects of the cases. This includes interviewing the client, prepping the client for the hearing, gathering evidence, participating in hearings as a student attorney, and closing the case. 

To be eligible to participate in the clinic, students must have completed 60 hours. This is a requirement under Rules of the Supreme Court (SCR) 2.540 to receive a limited license to practice law.

  • Fall Clinic I (3 or 4 credit option) – 2013:  see Summer Clinic above

  • The CASE Clinic Fellowship is hiring from May 2013 – May 2014:

The CASE fellowship with the Brandeis School of Law is a paid fellowship that will run from May 2013 to May 2014 and involves representing low income domestic violence victims in custody cases in Jefferson Family Court.  All law students who have completed 60 hours are eligible to apply.  A limited license to practice law is required.  Each student will work at least 10 hours/week at $8.50/hour.

To apply, send an email to Professor Shelley Santry at