Law School Graduates - Instructions for May 11 Convocation at Brown Theatre

Don’t forget to pick up your academic apparel at the Red Barn on May 9 (noon to 7:00) or May 10 (10:00 to 4:00)!  Please make sure you receive your cap, gown, and tassel in the package.

Check the line-up list for the ceremony.

Instructions for Day of Ceremony:

  1. Graduates should arrive between 3:30 and 3:45 p.m. (no later than 3:45)!
  2. You must check-in when you arrive.  When you enter the Brown Theatre, go right.  You will check-in at the room off the main lobby (Frazier Lobby).  You will receive your name card and information on how to view and order professional photos that are taken that day.  This is the same room where you will have the class photo taken, and the same room where you will line-up for the procession. 
  3. You may write out your name phonetically on your name card if you are concerned that it may be mispronounced.
  4. Classic Photography will be taking professional photos at the ceremony.  They will take a group photo between 4:00 and 4:15, and will also take individual photos as graduates walk across the stage.
  5. Leave all personal belongings with family.  We cannot guarantee security in the room you will be lining-up in.
  6. Keep your name card with you!
  7. To expedite the line up, please remember two names - the one before and the one after your name.  The SBA will start the line-up at 4:15 p.m.  Please hold on to your name card so you can give it to Dean Ballard on stage.
  8. Graduates will follow the faculty in a single file procession. 
  9. When you walk up to the stage (there will be stairs you have to climb), you will enter your assigned row on the left side.  Stand in front of your seat until all graduates have processed in.  The Dean will let you know when to be seated.
  10. There will be six rows of chairs for graduates on the stage.  The first row of chairs will be on the floor.  Rows 2-6 will be on risers.
  11. When Dean Duncan asks the class to come forward, the first row will stand and walk to the right area of the stage (Ryan Driskill will lead). 
  12. Hooding – Assistant Dean Ballard will be located at the podium.  When the person in front of you has been called, give Dean Ballard the index card with your name and wait for her to call you before walking across the stage to be hooded.  Do not remove your cap.  Then proceed to Dean Duncan for a handshake and your envelope.  A professional photographer will capture this moment.  Walk back to your row to be seated.  Since the order will be reversed, you will not be sitting in the same seat when you return.  You will be on the opposite side of the stage.  Please do not take programs, purses, etc. on stage.
  13. At the end of the convocation, there will be a single file recessional.  The class will stand when directed by Dean Duncan.  Graduates should remain standing at their seats until the faculty lead the recessional.
  14. Please return to the line-up room (Frazier Hall) to return your apparel.  Make sure your name is checked off when you return your gown, hat, and hood; you will be assessed a substantial fee if you fail to do so.  You can keep your tassel.

If you have questions, please contact Dean Ballard.