FALL 2L's - How Serious Are You About Your Legal Education?

Congratulations rising 1L's on your completion of boot camp.  Some in better condition than others, but nevertheless rising.  And the immediate issue is what to do this summer.  You can take a summer job, and tread water until the Fall semester.  Comfortable if not restful - not bad.

You can do a lot better.

Join the Journal of Law & Education.  As a member you will be writing responsible legal text, overseen by experienced student editors and professionals, before publication.  You'll enjoy the pains and pitfalls of communicative and precise legal writing.  You'll acquire what will over time become second nature.  Indeed, you can have an article available in print for employers (former law review members themselves) before graduation.

Among other benefits of Journal membership are scholastic credit, and an opportunity to satisfy the writing requirement.

The deadline for applications is May 29th.

Lawrence W. Knowles, Professor of Law Emeritus