Seeking Interested Students to Establish Student Federal Bar Association Chapter

The Federal Bar Association (FBA) would like to help Brandeis Law Students establish a student FBA Chapter if there is student interest.  The mission of the FBA is to promote interaction and learning between law students and federal judges and lawyers.  An FBA student group would work with the state and national chapters to strengthen student interest in and knowledge of the federal legal system.  The group would also seek to afford law students opportunities to observe federal court proceedings and to interact with federal practitioners, as well as to provide students with information on careers in various areas of federal law.

The FBA Law Student Handbook describes some of the activities which have involved established Student Chapters around the country.  

Brandeis Law students who are interested in working to establish a student FBA Chapter should contact Dean Ballard for more information.                     


Starting a Federal Bar Association Student Divsion Handbook.docx41.64 KB