Government Honors & Internship Opportunities

The following government programs have 2L/3L deadlines coming up in the next few weeks.  Details of these programs are provided in the 2013-14 Government Honors & Internship Handbook, located at  

Login information for the Handbook may be found on the Professional Development portion of the law school website under "Job Banks", "Job Search Resources page" or you can contact Ms. Reh at:    

2L Summer

•Environmental Protection Agency – Office of General Counsel Summer Honors Program (Unpaid, Deadline 8/30/13)
•Government Accountability Office – Office of General Counsel, Summer Associate Program (Paid, Deadline 08/30/13)
•Indiana Office of the Attorney General – Law Clerkship Program (Paid, Deadline 09/01/13)
•Department of State – Office of the Legal Advisor (Civil), Summer Intern Program (Unpaid, Deadline 09/01/13)
•Department of Justice – Summer Law Intern Program (SLIP) (Paid, Deadline 09/03/13)


•Department of State – Office of the Legal Advisor (Civil) 3-Year New Attorney Program (Paid, Deadline 09/01/13)
•Department of Justice – Attorney General’s Honors Program (Paid, Deadline 09/03/13)
•Attorney General of Washington – Preferred Pool Status in Attorney Hiring (Paid, Deadline 09/05/13)
•Department of Interior – Office of the Solicitor 2014 Honors Attorney Program (Paid, Deadline 9/05/13)
•Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General – Fellowship Program (Paid, Deadline 09/13/13)
•Federal Trade Commission – Bureau of Competition Entry Legal Attorney Program (Paid, Deadline 09/15/13)
•Department of Homeland Security – Office of General Counsel General Counsel’s Honors Attorneys Program (Paid, Deadline 09/15/13)
•Comptroller of the Currency – Law Department Chief Counsel’s Employment Program (Paid, Deadline 09/16/13)