Writing Competitions Open to Law Students

A number of organizations sponsor writing competitions that are open to law students.  Many of these competitions have cash prizes, and may also include a funded trip to a meeting to receive the prize.  Law students are strongly encouraged to check the Writing Competitions page on the Law School website and consider entering a competition that may relate to a seminar paper you have written or a journal note.  Perhaps the focus of one of the competitions will help you narrow your topic for a seminar you are currently enrolled in, or research you would like to pursue through an independent study.  The Student Life Office will continue to expand the list of writing competitions as we receive notices throughout the semester. 

For now, competitions are posted on the future of Roe v. Wade ($1,000 cash prize); commerical and bankruptcy law ($3,000 scholarship); international law ($2,000 cash prize); securities arbitration and securities law ($1,000 cash prize); any subject in the field of securities law ($5,000 cash prize); consumer financial services ($1,000 cash prize); and the Affordable Care Act ($250 cash prize).