Be Heard - Contribute to Brandeis' Growth and Development

Our law school is currently in the process of doing some future planning and looking to get "ahead of the curve" on potential changes in legal education.  Your input, as students and eventual alumni, is vital to helping the school pin-point what is working, and where the school might not be meeting your expectations.  The school's Strategic Planning Committee has developed an 8 questions SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) survey for you to complete.  Please take about five to ten minutes to complete the survey (linked below) by Friday, August 30.  Thanks! (Note: if the survey does not automatically appear once you click the link, check to make sure you are logged on to the website with your school user I.D. and password).


Please email Dani Smith if you have any questions about the survey or how it will be used.