Transactional LawMeet Competition Participants Sought

The 2014 Transactional LawMeet is the premier "moot court" experience for students interested in a transactional practice. The competition's designed to give law students a hands-on experience in developing and honing transactional lawyering skills at three distinct phases. First, students work in teams and prepare a proposed draft agreement on or before February 7, 2014. Second, each team prepares mark-ups to draft agreements prepared by the teams they will encounter during the three-round Regional Meet. Finally, opposing teams meet to negotiate the contours of the deal at the Regional Meet on February 28, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. Though much of the work takes place during the first half of the spring semester, the competition begins on December 13, 2013, when the participating teams are sent the fact pattern.

Students who are interested in participating in the Transactional LawMeet are invited to submit their statement of interest and availability to Professor Nicholson at Your message should include: a) why you are interested in the Transactional LawMeet Competition Team; b) any experience you have had with drafting and negotiations (including any past or current classes or other experience); c) your time availability for meetings and practices in the evenings and perhaps weekends during mid-December, January and February; d) your cell phone number and your email address. You may attach your resume if you would like but it is not necessary. The deadline for expressions of interest is Noon on Monday, September 16, 2013.

If there is more expression of interest than the 2-4 spots available on the team(s), preference may be given to students either with more drafting and negotiation experience, or who have submitted more earnest and persuasive statements of interest notwithstanding their limited business experience. If you have questions about what participation in the competition is like, you may contact 3Ls Donovan Potter and Jesse Genova, who competed last year. Thank you for your interest!