National Suicide Prevention Week

The Dave Nee Foundation would like to take a moment to acknowledge National Suicide Prevention Week. According to the American Association of Suicidology, in 2010, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., claiming more than 38,000 lives.  About 2/3 of people who die by suicide are depressed at the time of their deaths.  According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 10% of American adults will suffer from a depressive illness on any given year.

These statistics are our call to action and the reason behind the mission of the Dave Nee Foundation.  The Foundation is excited to present Professor James T.R. Jones of Louis D. Brandeis School of Law with the David S. Stoner Uncommon Counselor Award for his courageous leadership demonstrated by openly sharing his experience as a person living with bipolar disorder and receiving effective treatment. 

The Foundation is also looking forward to presenting Uncommon Counsel at the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law this fall, on Thursday, November 14.  A representative from the Foundation will share about Dave Nee's life and provide information on how to recognize the signs of stress/burnout, as well provide general wellness tips.  KYLAP will provide lunch and drinks for attendees.  Please mark this lunch and learn presentation on your calendar.

The Foundation, comprised primarily of dedicated volunteers, works hard to reduce the stigma of depression and prevent suicide through its support of established organizations and its own direct advocacy.  To learn more about the Dave Nee Foundation, visit