2nd Annual Brandeis Town Hall Meeting

The Dean's Town Hall Meeting 

The Second Annual Law School Town Hall Meeting will be Tuesday, October 8, at 1:00 p.m. in room 275.  Dean Duncan will give the State of the Law School Address followed by a question and answer session.  This is your chance to directly voice your concerns and critiques to the administration.  If you are unavailable to attend or would prefer to share your concerns anonymously, please submit your question/concern to your class representative (listed below) or Dani Smith (tdsmit08@louisville.edu).  Additionally, if you would like to ensure that your question is answered fully and in a satisfactory manner, it would be advantageous for you to submit your answer prior to the meeting.  This way, the Deans can complete adequate research for your specific question.  Please note that pre-submitted questions/concerns will be addressed first at the meeting.


2L Class Representatives: Katie Ball (KSBall02@louisville.edu) and Andrew Marvin (AJMarv01@louisville.edu)

3L Class Representatives: Billy Avery (BJAver02@louisville.edu) and Jamie Hafley (JDHafl01@louisville.edu)