2nd Annual Brandeis Town Hall Meeting

The student responses received by the SBA were overwhelmingly opposed to the implementation of the Student Social Media Policy.  The two students serving on the faculty committee, B.J. Hardy and Dani Smith, split the student vote (B.J. voted for; Dani voted against), and the majority of the faculty voted in favor of the proposal with one friendly amendment to the wording of the policy.  The policy was approved as follows:  Chapter 4. Law School Technology Policies and ProceduresPart A. Law School Technology and User AccountsSection 5. Cyber Communities and Online Social Networks "The Law School recognizes that participation in cyber communities can be used in positive ways to build community on and off campus.  However, these outlets may also be used in inappropriate and harmful ways.  As future members of the legal profession, law students should conduct themselves in all matters with courtesy, civility, and professionalism.  Students should be aware that some online activities may give rise to a complaint under the Student Code of Conduct or the School of Law Honor Code, or might be reported by third-parties to relevant bar character and fitness authorities." If you have questions as to what you may or may not post on a social media site or about the Social Media Policy in general, feel free to email Dean Duncan directly at Susan.Duncan@louisville.edu or you can email Dani Smith at TDSmit08@louisville.edu and she will pass your concerns and questions along.  If questions go unanswered, Dani will be happy to collect the unanswered questions and have them answered at the Town Hall Meeting on October 8 in room 275 at 1:00 p.m.