Help Pick up the Tab for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kentuckiana

"To many, a pull tab is just a piece of aluminum with one purpose - to open a can, but to the Ronald McDonald House Charaties of Kentuckiana, the pull tab is a valuable resource. Why? Collected pull tabs are recycled; generating much-needed funds to support the House, Family Rooms, and the nearly 2700 families we serve each year.


Families staying at Ronald McDonald House are asked to pay only $15 per night and no one is turned away. The actual cost to house a family is over $70 per night. Our pull tab recycling program is one of the ways we generate funds to helo underwrite the cost of a families night stay.


How You Can Help


  • Begin saving your aluminum pull tabs found on beverage cans
  • Place collected tabs in a container, such as a cardboard box or Tupperware container
  • Drop your tabs at any Louisville-area McDonalds Resturant or Ronald McDonald House 


 Pull Tab Facts


  • One pund = 1,526 pull tabs
  • One foot = 12 pull tabs
  • One mile = 63,360 pull tabs 


 Teachers and School Advisors


  • Join our Save-a-Million program!
  • School Curriculum Guide available for classroom use 


 For more information about the above programs, please contact Rebecca Washer, 502.561.7657 or"


There is currently a collection box in the student lounge downstairs near the coffee. There will later be a collection box in the faculty lounge as well.