Information Regarding RSO Summit Meetings

If your RSO attended the Summit on September 20, you are in good standing.  If your student organization did not attend, please note that the last two RSO Summit meetings will be held on Monday, September 30 and Wednesday, October 2 from 12pm to 1pm in the HSC Instructional Building Room 102.

A free boxed lunch will be provided for everyone who pre-registers for these meetings.

Any RSO that did not attend the Summit on Sept. 20 must send a representative to one of these meetings to stay in Good Standing. These will be the last Summits for the Fall semester; if your RSO cannot attend, it will have to go on Probation until the Spring Summit.

If you are not sure whether your RSO has attended a Summit or have questions about your RSO’s status, please contact Victoria Spencer, Graduate Assistant to Recognized Student Organizations.