Update on Study Abroad Opportunities

The law school is working hard to establish more student study abroad opportunities.  Currently, opportunities are available in France (University of Montpellier), Germany (EBS Law School), Canada (Universite Laval), and England (University of East Anglia).  The Chair of the International Committee has reached an agreement in principle with the University of Luxembourg and is working to renew an exchange relationship with the University of Leeds in England.  In addition, the International Committee is working towards establishing an exchange relationship in Spain (University Carlos III Madrid), and have had very preliminary discussions with law schools in Ireland and Italy.  There may also be some short term opportunities to study in Russia, Germany, or Finland.  In other words, some opportunities are “definite” and others are “in the works.”  We hope to finalize most of these opportunities by the end of the calendar year, if possible.

For semester-long or year-long study abroad opportunities, you would pay your normal tuition here, and would have the right to study at the foreign law school without paying tuition.  Thus, you would have your normal financial aid package available to you.  Of course, you would have increased costs for travel to and from the foreign institution, and would also need to arrange your housing, food, etc.  In some instances, foreign law schools have dorms available to you.  In the case of the University of Montpellier, the law school is located in the pedestrian district in the heart of the city, and you can live in the ancient part of the city, if you wish.

At this point, we are seeking to identify students who might be thinking about studying abroad next year.  It is useful to have discussions now so that you are aware of law school and ABA requirements, and can plan your schedule (both here and abroad accordingly).  You will want to make sure that you take the courses here and abroad that you will need to graduate.  For your foreign study, you will have to comply with ABA requirements so that you can apply the credits towards your UL degree.  If you would like information about the requirements, please contact Dean Ballard.  If you would like information about the exchange opportunities (e.g., which schools, what you can study, etc.), please contact Professor Weaver.  He can talk to you about the universities, whether you can study in English or need to be fluent in a foreign language, and whether you can simply earn credits or whether it is also possible to earn a degree.

Please also plan to attend the Study Abroad Information Sessions on October 23 and January 17.