Harlan Lecturers

1991 Anthony Lewis (New York Times) (inaugural lecture)

1992 Sol Wachtler (New York Court of Appeals)

1993 Cass Sunstein (University of Chicago)

1994 A. E. Dick Howard (University of Virginia)

1995 Howard Fineman (Newsweek)

1996 N. Lee Cooper (then ABA President)

1997 Bettina Gregory (ABC News)

1998 Daniel J. Meador (University of Virginia).

1999 Justice Alan Page (Minnesota Supreme Court)

2000 Justice Antonin Scalia

2001 Gregory Howard Williams (Ohio State University)

2002 Gabrielle McDonald (former judge U.S. District Court)

2003 William S. Cohen (former senator, secretary of defense)

2004 Kurt L. Schmoke (Howard University; former mayor of Baltimore, Md).)

2005 Fred Graham ((New York Times; CBS News; Court TV)

2006 (None—Brandeis Sesquicentennial)

2007 Joan Biskupic  (Washington Post: USA Today)