Student Parents and Their Children Enjoying A Fun October Event

Parents Attending Law School (PALS) was established with the goal of providing a support network as well as resources to the law school’s student parents. The demands of law school are great and the added responsibility of parenthood can wear many students thin. Being able to network with others in similar positions is encouraging and motivating for many student parents. Further, many student parents are unsure about what course to take following law school, including what lines of work, areas of law and/or types of employers they should seek or avoid. This group hopes to provide resources to parent students regarding these concerns and help to illuminate different options following the completion of law school. Lastly, this group hopes to get their children actively involved in their law school experience, as they are greatly affected by it. Currently, they are working on an initiative which would allow the children of student parents to walk with them at graduation.

Pictured: PALS first welcome event at Professor Abrams home