Interdisciplinary Course Opportunities

Law students are reminded that they may, with permission of the Assistant Dean for Student Life, take up to six hours of course work in other graduate departments towards their 90 hour requirement for the JD.  In particular, please take note of the following opportunities which the law school is aware of.  Students wishing additional information about these or other graduate courses may contact Assistant Dean Ballard or Associate Dean Hall.


1.  The Psychology Department invites law student registration in Forensic Assessment, PSYC 687-75.  This course will meet Tuesdays from 5:30-8:30pm in Room 133 of the Life Sciences CenterSchool of Edica. 


Course format will primarily consist of case studies and reenactments of actual forensic interviews to allow for appreciation of how best practice forensic reports are generated for criminal, civil, and family courts.  Case studies and reenactments will reflect a cross section of the various types of forensic evaluations (such as Competency, MSO/Mental Status at the Time of Offense, Violence and Sex Offender Risk Assessments, Parental Capacity, Child Custody, and Fitness for Duty).  


Prior to presentations of cases, a framework will be provided, allowing students to appreciate basic aspects of the legal system and the adjudicative process; relevant case law; the distinction between therapeutic and forensic assessment; common ethical pitfalls when working in the forensic arena; the components of best practice forensic evaluation; and appropriate use of psychometric tests relevant to specific legal inquiry. Practical applications such as communicating with the Courts, report writing, and expert testimony will also be reviewed. 


There will be no formal exams in this course.  Rather, grades will be determined based upon mid-term and final written reports of cases presented, in actual Court-based format. These reports will necessarily require identification of diagnoses and clinical formulation.


[Law students, of course, would have different mid-term and final assignments]


2.  The College of Education and Human Development sent us notice of two courses which law students may find of interest:


Legal Issues in P-12 Education, ELFH 620 (Saturdays 9-11:30am)

Educational Resource Management in P-12 Education, ELFH 622 (Saturdays 1:00-3:30pm).