Spring 2014 Low Enrollment Courses

Pursuant to law school policy, ordinarily any course or seminar with an enrollment of fewer than five (5) students will be cancelled; all enrolled students will be notified by email. Courses with relatively low enrollment (but with five or more students) may be cancelled due to budgetary constraints and competing demands for courses.


As of this writing, the following courses are at risk of cancellation due to low enrollment (this list may change due to changes in enrollments):


            LAW 872-06 - Taxation of LLCs and Partnerships

            LAW 873-05 - Corporate Taxation

            LAW 970-08 - Sem: Copyright Law

            LAW 997-05 - Bankruptcy Practice and Procedure

            LAW 999-05 - UCC: Sales


The University registration system will be closed from November 15 to November 25.  Decisions about course cancellation will be made after the system re-opens on November 25.  Any students enrolled in canceled courses will be notified via email, and cancellations will be announced via the Daily Docket.