Dave Nee Lunch Presentation - Today at 11:50 - Room 275

You may be aware of the extraordinary number of lawyer suicides in Kentucky over the past couple of years, which has gained national attention.  In our ongoing effort to provide information to our law school students across the state, and to put a halt this tragic trend, KYLAP has reached an agreement with the Dave Nee Foundation to present an informative program to educate students on the signs of depression and where to get help.  They will present at the Brandeis School of Law on Thursday, November 14, at 11:50 a.m. 

Dave Nee was a brilliant law student who struggled silently with depression for many years, eventually committing suicide while in law school.  The goal of the Dave Nee Foundation is to reach out to every law school in the country to "[e]ducate society (especially lawyers and law students) about the symptoms of depression in themselves and in friends and family so that they might recognize and not feel ashamed about seeking treatment."

KYLAP will be sponsoring a "Lunch and Learn" event at Brandeis today.  A representative from the Foundation will share about Dave Nee’s life and then detail the signs and symptoms of depression. The representative will provide information on local mental health resources (including those provided by the University).  Students will learn how to recognize the signs of stress/burnout, as well as be provided with general wellness tips.  KYLAP will be on hand, providing lunch and drinks, along with lawyer volunteers, to answer any questions or provide immediate assistance to lawyers in distress.  Professor Jim Jones, the recipient of the 2013 David S. Stoner Uncommon Counselor Award, will also speak and will introduce the representative from the Dave Nee Foundation.

The program will take place in classroom 275.