Space is Available for Public Service Week-Long Projects

Space is still available at the Ky. Department of Public Advocacy and the Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission for the week of December 16 and we are opening up the projects to all students.  If you are interested in any of these projects, please contact Jina Scinta ASAP to sign up.  These projects would be a great opportunity for third year students who still need to complete their public service requirement.  The projects are as follows:

Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy-Education Branch Frankfort Office (most of the work can be done from home or Brandeis law library) - 2 Slots Available

The Education Branch needs two students to update legal training materials for training manuals. It is very likely students will get all 30 hours completed in a week for this project.

Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission - 1 Slot Available

(a) Goal Statements with Commission Board Members- as part of an annual review, we would like a student to call each of the board members and get both a review and a goal statement from them. From there, they should compile the information so that it is clear what we should continue doing, what needs work, what needs abandonment, and what new ventures we should involve ourselves with.
(b) Reconfiguration of handouts- the current handouts are separated by division within the department. We would like a condensed one.