Have a Favorite Instructor? Recognize Them!

Do you have a favorite UofL instructor from this semester who you would like to recognize?  Please take a moment to nominate him or her.  It’s quick and easy… and it means a lot!


Each year, the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning collects nominations from UofL students of faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants who have made a significant impact on their learning.  All instructors who are nominated are recognized at a special reception, and all student nominations are listed on the Delphi Center website. 


Do you have a favorite instructor from fall semester whom you would like to recognize? Let us know how the instructor has made a difference to you in the classroom and beyond by filling out our nomination form at:  http://uofl.me/facultyfaves


Please act now as nominations for fall term close on Friday, December 20.