Attention 1L's - Mock Interview Information



I am looking forward to seeing you Saturday at mock interviews! ??If you have last minute questions, feel free to call, email or text me. ??My number is included in my email signature.




1. Arrive 15-30 minutes early (and keep in mind it will take a few minutes to sign in with security at the front desk and then take the elevator up to the 32nd floor). ??It may also take a few minutes to find parking. ??Plan accordingly.


Location: Mercer (formally Aegon) Building 32nd Floor,??400 West Market Street,??Louisville, KY??


2. Be professional. ??You should be in a suit, you should have a copy of your resume with you, and you may want to have a padfolio. ??Padfolios are not required but add to the overall professional atmosphere.??


3. Send thank-you notes. ??How will you know where to send thank you notes? ??The address that is on your interviewers business card! ??Many interviewers will naturally hand you a business card at the end of the interview. ??Some will not because they have forgotten or because they want you to ask. ??Be sure to politely request a business card if they do not offer one. ??(eg. "Do you happen to have a business card?").


4. Take a deep breath. ??This is a safe learning environment. ??It is doubtful that all of your feed-back will be positive. ??That is okay! ??The attorneys who are helping with this event want to help you market yourself better. ??They are only going to point out your mistakes so that you do not make them again. ??Embrace the chance to improve. ??


5. Attached to this email: ??(1) the detail sheet I sent out earlier this week, (2) the interview schedule, and (3) the interview rubric by which your interviewers will "grade" you. ??I have provided all of the interviewers with the rubric. ??They may go rogue and not use it but my guess is that many of them will stay in that general realm of the provided interview scenario.


Feel free to contact me, but please read all attachments first! Most answers will be in these documents.


See you Saturday,




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