Three Brandeis Faculty Members Give Major Impact Presentations at National Conferences

Brown v. Board of Education, the environment, and college students with disabilities. These are the three topics for presentations by Brandeis faculty at national conferences in February.  

Tony Arnold the Keynote Speaker at University of Missouri School of Law Symposium on Environmental Law

In a symposium organized around the scholarship of Boehl Professor Arnold, he will give the keynote address at a February 14 symposium on Environmental Law 4.0: Adaptive and Resilient. He was invited to do so based on the University of Missouri Journal of Environmental and Sustainability Law organizers who found his work to be intriguing and compelling.  

Environmental law in the United States has been continually evolving since the "first generation" of commandand- control regulatory statutes in the 1970s to the emerging fourth generation. This new generation of environmental law is under pressure to develop a framework that is more adaptive and resilient. Yet the institutional arrangements to protect the environment and manage natural resources generally have been unimodal ("one-sizefits- all") and fragmented, resulting in a current framework that is ill-suited for today's pressing environmental issues.

This symposium explores the prospects for the fourth generation of environmental law. How can a better understanding of resilience science and our relationship to environmental and natural resource challenges serve as a catalyst to transform environmental law to become more adaptive? Will environmental law develop a framework that is more integrated and multimodal? What are the theoretical and practical hurdles that must be overcome as we enter into the next generation of environmental law? These and other critical questions will be examined through a variety of perspectives, including ecological science, law and economics, environmental justice, indigenous peoples, international law and administrative law.


Cedric Merlin Powell to Serve as Plenary Session Speaker at Washburn University Center for Law and Government


Professor Powell has been recognized for his work on critical race theory and invited to speak on this topic on February 27. The symposium explores in a critical manner what the Brown v. Board of Education decision has meant and what it will continue to mean looking forward. On February 25, the Louisville Bar Association will recognize Professor Powell for his scholarship and leadership on race issues when it presents him with the annual Trailblazer Award during the Black History Month event.

In addition to the LBA award, Cedric also won the 2014 Chestnut Street YMCA Adult Black Achievers award. This is the 35th year of the program. Distinguished professionals from a number of fields are selected as role models for youth achievers. Adult achievers are expected to give 40 hours of service to the youth achievers program. Cedric was selected by Vice Provost Mordean Taylor-Archer to represent the University of Louisville.


Laura Rothstein to serve as Stetson Conference of Higher Education Law and Policy Honorary Chair

Must universities allow emotional support animals in the library? Can veterans with disabilities returning to college receive accommodations when the military does not provide documentation of the disability in a timely fashion? Are sororities required to make their houses accessible for wheelchairs even though they are private clubs? What policies should universities have in place to ensure that baby boomer faculty members are given fair treatment if their physical or mental health becomes frail? Are universities risking the cancellation of excellent programs for grade school and high school students because of new and burdensome policies put in place in reaction to the Jerry Sandusky scandal?

These are only a few of the issues that will be addressed by Laura Rothstein, Professor of Law and Distinguished University Scholar. In addition to serving as a panelist or speaker at four different sessions at the February 2014, 35th Annual National Conference on Higher Education Law and Policy sponsored by Stetson University Law School, she will serve this year as Honorary Chair of the conference. This honor reflects her longstanding commitment to increasing the understanding of higher education legal issues. In 2011 she was honored by the conference with the William A. Kaplin Award for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy.