First-Year Law Student Attends Ms. JD Passion Forward Conference

On February 21 and 22, first-year student Shannon Huffer attended the Ms. JD Passion Forward Conference in Austin, Texas, held in conjunction with the Sixth Annual Conference on Women in Law.   Ms. JD was founded by a group of Stanford Law Students in 2006 with the goal of women helping women reach parity in the law and engage in a dialogue regarding gender issues.  Stats provided during the conference noted that although women graduate in roughly equal numbers from law school, they make-up only about 15% at the equity partner level.  Many passionate women who have succeeded at the highest levels actively support and endorse the Ms. JD group in an effort to change that number.
The two-day Passion Forward conference was part networking, part skills building, and part motivation.  Shannon was afforded an incredible opportunity to meet and network with judges; partners of firms in New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston and Kentucky; faculty from other universities; in-house counsel; associates working in some of the largest U.S. firms; and law students from all over the country.

“Overall it was an amazing conference that I would highly recommend attending whenever you get a chance.  It is a rare opportunity to have such free communication with so many highly successful individuals that are committed to seeing you succeed.”