EBS Law School is Accepting Nominations for Summer 2014

EBS Law School in Wiesbaden, Germany is accepting nominations from UofL Law students to visit during the summer term.  The first deadline is March 24.  This is the last date for students to secure the early bird service fee of €350. Applications received after March 24, will incur a charge of €450, and those received after April 21 will be charged €550.

EBS Law Summer is suited to all levels of expertise in EU Law. The course begins with an intensive, one-week introductory course on the law of the European Union to provide students with the necessary foundations for the programme. Students may then choose from 6 different electives, each dealing with more detailed questions of EU Business and Commercial Law.  The electives are complemented by corresponding site visits (e.g. European Central Bank, European Court of Justice, European Parliament) and each is assessed by written examination.  Students without previous knowledge of EU Law can delve into the topic during a relatively short period, whereas students having studied some basics of European Law can broaden their knowledge in the specific electives.

The summer term is 4 weeks and runs from June 2 through June 27.  Students can earn 5 to 8 credit hours.  For more information, view the EBS flyer.