SBA Election Timetable

Students interested in running for an SBA position for the 2014-2015 school year, please note the upcoming timetable regarding the elections:

  • Meetings/sign-ups will be week following spring break. March 17-21. Sign-ups will close at noon on March 21st.
  • Formal campaigning will begin March 24th at 8am.
  • Elections will begin March 26th at 8am, and close March 28th at 8am.
  • Unofficial results will be posted March 28th at noon.
  • Official results will be posted April 2nd at noon.

Candidates must attend an Interest Session in the SBA Office (Office 245). Interest Sessions will be Monday 3/17 and Wednesday 3/19 at 4:15pm and Tuesday 3/18 and Thursday 3/20 at 5:35. Please contact Christy Ferko for any questions, For a full listing and description of all the positions available, please consult the SBA Constitution found here.