2014-2015 Official SBA Election Results

Official 2014-2015 SBA Election Results:

President: Josh Collins
Vice President: Katie Ball
Secretary: Lauren Busch
Treasurer: Walter Cosby
Senator: Shannon Huffer
Social Chair: Madison Shoffner
Public Relations: Jeff Perkins
Fundraising Chair: Jessica Homer
Prof. Dev. Chair: Rudy Ellis
Community Eng. Chair: Connor Breen
ABA Rep.: William Von Brandenburg
Historian: Rachel Dalton
3L/4L Class Representatives: Mitchell Jackson and Andrew Marvin
2L Class Representative: Kseniya Buck and Timothy "Andy" Distler
Honor Council: 3Ls: Sarah Reddick, Hayleigh Hurt, Lauren Busch, Alexandra Chase (alternate), 2Ls: Vlad Bursuc, Madison Shoffner, Lauren Gibson (alternate)

These unofficial results were posted on March 28, 2014 at 12PM EST.

Per Article VII, section 5 of the SBA Constitution, any candidate who wishes to appeal the results of the elections may do so by submitting a written complaint to the chair of the election committee, Christy Ferko (CMFerk01@louisville.edu) by 12PMĀ on Wednesday, April 2, 2014.
Art. VII, sec. 5. Appeals Process
After unofficial election results are announced, candidates have a three business day
window to appeal. Any member of the Association may challenge the campaign practices of
any candidate and/or the results of the election. The student must file his or her challenge in
writing with the Chair of the Elections Committee, in person or by email, within 3 business
days of the release of unofficial election results. Should no appeal be filed within the three
business days then the results become official.

The Elections Committee reserves discretion to adjudicate all election challenges. The
Elections Committee reserves discretion to determine appropriate penalties for violations of
the rules contained herein, which may include a subtraction of votes or declaring a candidate
ineligible for office. Decisions of the Elections Committee may be appealed to the Assembly.
Appealed election challenges shall be decided by a majority vote of the Assembly.