Get Involved - Open SBA Positions

The Student Bar Association has two positions available for appointment and is looking for students who are eager to get involved within the law school community. The open positions are:


  • Student Government Association Senator: represents the interests of the Student Bar Association and keeps the Student Bar Association informed of all pertinent actions taken by the Student Government Association. One of the SGA Senators must serve on the SGA budget committee. Required to attend SGA committee and Senate meetings on throughout the year.


  • Technology Chair: responsible for all aspects of technology within the SBA.  The Technology Chair shall manage the SBA website and coordinate postings in the daily Student Organizations email. The Technology Chair is responsible for all SBA social media accounts.


Both positions are voting members of the SBA Assembly. If you wish to apply for a position, please email with a brief explanation of why you would be an excellent SBA officer, along with a copy of your resume WITHOUT GPA or CLASS RANK. Submissions will be accepted up until noon of Friday, May 2nd.