JAEL Publishes Spring Issue!

The Journal of Animal and Environmental Law has published their spring issue!


The issue can be found here: http://www.jael-online.org/volumes/volume-five/


​Issue 5-2 contains the following articles:

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Applying A One Size Fits All Approach to Human and Veterinary Medical Professionals Custom Tailoring is Needed – the article is a fifty state survey of veterinarians being required to abide by prescription drug monitoring programs as part of nationwide attempts to curb substance abuse and  the need for exempting veterinarians from such programs. This article was authored by Robert John Simpson, D.V.M. of Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law.

The Sidestepping of National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permitting Requirements By Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations – about federal rules and regulates aimed at concentrated animal feeding operations. The article was authored by Adam Scott Carlesco of The George Washington University School of Law


Additionally, the article contains the student authored notes of two JAEL members:

Climate of Washington: The Politics Behind the Life and Death of the American Clean Energy and Security Act – about the political processes behind the American attempts to pass legislation commonly known as “cap and trade” in an attempt to curb nationwide emission levels and combat climate change. The note was authored by Derek Miles (class of 2014)

Protect the Animals: The Evolution of Agricultural Gag Laws and the Nullification of First Amendment Rights – about the limiting of First Amendment rights on the basis of agricultural gag laws  which effectively prohibit undercover journalists from  documenting farm practices for investigative purposes. The note was authored by Tara Skaggs (class of 2014)