Brandeis School of Law is Proud of Our Alumni Who Are Serving on UL’s Alumni Association

The full slate for the 2014-16 board of directors for the Alumni Association is as follows:


Tony Fortwengler, 66S, president (executive committee)
Chris Puffer, 93B, president-elect (executive committee)
Barbara Gaines Nichols, 67SC, secretary (executive committee)

At-Large Directors

Ernest Brooks, 96A
Keith Cartwright, 83L

Greg Cinnamon, 86L
Sean Deskins, 04A, 07L

Dr. Amy Farnsworth, 66DMD

Sgt. Danny Glidewell, 86JA

Kathy Goodin, 83B

Josh Hillman, 04S, 05GS

Kelly Hodges, 93B, 01GB

Dr. Lowell Katz, 68A, 72MD

Doug Kemper, 86A

Mitch Matamoros, 75K

Terina Matthews, 93E (executive committee)

Dan Murphy, 05B

Tommy Nolan, 03B (executive committee)

Ex-Officio Directors (non-voting members)

Marie Abrams, 59A (board of trustees)

Bob Benson, 69L (board of trustees)

Josh Hawkins, interim executive director (executive committee)

Reggie Van Stockum, 79A, 79L immediate past president (executive committee)

Kathleen Smith, 70B, 05GE (faculty/staff representative)

Lubna Hindi, president of SOAR (Student Organization for Alumni Relations)