359 Pages of Ugly: Finding the 2008-10 Kentucky Budget


In olden times, a child tragically affected with a disfiguring condition would be hidden from public view, out of shame, and from a desire to shield society from a horror they were ill-equipped to handle.  In our more enlightened era, compassion and openness has largely swept away such attitudes.  Some offspring, however, are still considered so hideous that the public must be protected from unwitteningly stumbling upon them.  It is out of such caution that the Kentucky legislature has secreted away its ill-conceived prodigy, the 2008-2010 Kentucky state budget document.

However, as a librarian and a lawyer, I am a heir to two traditions of unflinching rationalism, and am bound to to throw off the cloak of superstition and point the brave to go to http://www.lrc.ky.gov/record/08RS/HB406.htm and to click directly on the first link "HR406."  Read with caution; a stiff drink might be advised.