Public Service Opportunity with the Department of Public Advocacy

The Department of Public Advocacy - Post Trials Division is in need of 1 to 2 students to assist them to help determine the current timeframes for completion of criminal appeals in Kentucky.

They need to obtain the following information about criminal cases decided during the period from July 1 2005 to the present, by fiscal year:
1. Which court rendered the decision?
2. Was it a DPA appointed case?
3. Notice of appeal filed by prosecution or defendant?
4. Is it a direct appeal from a judgment, or a post conviction action?
5. Appeal as of right, or discretionary review?
6. How many days from notice of appeal to certification of record?
7. How many days from certification of record to brief for appellant?
8. How many days from brief for appellant to brief for appellee?
9. How many days from brief for appellee to reply brief? (note, if none filed, then the result should be 15 days)
10. How many days from reply brief to decision?

In order to get this information, they are in need of someone to review all minutes from both the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court for the specified period, and then print out the "step sheets" (i.e., a printout of the court's docket, available online) for each of those cases. The research could likely happen from your home or campus library and could likely be completed by one student.

If additional hours are needed or another student requires hours, the next step would be to enter the information in a spreadsheet of our design.

The interested student(s) would be required to report to the Post Trial Division Director, Tim Arnold, and his Internal Policy Analyst, Jennifer Withrow. Participants would be subject to DPA's confidentiality policy in reference to their work on this project.

To sign up with the Public Service Program, please e-mail Jina Scinta at Reservations will be given on a first come-first served basis. Reservation Forms will be e-mailed to the student(s) who respond first.