Public Service Opportunity: Improve the lives of at-risk children with disabilities

Volunteers are needed to work on a project to develop a Kentucky-specific consumer legal information handbook targeted for grandparents and other relatives raising children with disabilities. Understanding legal options and legal rights is essential for parents raising children with disabilities. Without this information many caregivers are unable to understand the options that are available to help them help the children develop their abilities and live happy and healthy lives. The handbook will include information on programs that provide financial support, health care, personal care, supportive services and education to families raising children with disabilities.

Volunteers will be assigned specific topics to research. The topics will be broken down using questions frequently asked by parents of children with disabilities, and the volunteers will be asked to develop answers and resource materials to address those questions. Volunteers will need to conduct research on the assigned topic including field research such as visits to programs and experts to gather information and materials. There is no fixed time or location for the work on this project, deadlines will be negotiated as assignments are accepted. All work with be supervised by David Godfrey, an attorney with nearly 9 years of experience in elder law. An editorial board of experts will be available for consultation. The editorial board will review all work from this project and provide feedback. The finished handbook will be widely distributed across Kentucky and will likely be used to train caregivers, attorneys and other advocates in this important area of the law.

Project completion is planned for this summer.

For more information contact;

David Godfrey,Managing Attorney
Access to Justice Foundation
Lexington, KY
859-255-9913 ext 12