Protecting IP in China



This is a picture of the Silk Street market in Beijing. This market is well known as the place in Beijing where you go to buy knock-off name brand items, such as clothing and handbags. China has been cracking down on this, as you can see from the 3 story poster on the outside of the building with a picture of Jackie Chan saying "Protect the movies, say NO to piracy!" Of course, just because you put up a 3 story poster declaring that piracy is bad doesn't mean that you can't buy those things. Right inside the door you can buy knock off Hugo Boss and Lacoste shirts, Ferrari Jackets, and Gucci handbags. Right next door, there was a place selling pirated DVDs (you had to go into a secret room hidden behind a door masquerading as shelving, which was opened by remote control, to see what was available). But officially, they're against it. Of course, I have been offered fake Rolexes in New York and Boston, so it's not like it doesn't happen in the US.