Relic of the pre-1975 Court System


While visiting Frankfort this weekend, I saw this old campaign poster behind the register in the Old Capital Antiques store on Broadway (just a few doors down from Poor Richard's Books). It was not for sale--it is kind of a store mascot--but the shop's owner allowed me to take a picture.


My preliminary research indicates that Mr. Timmons was running sometime in the late 1960s (perhaps early 1970s) for the minor judicial office of magistrate (popularly known as justice of the peace) in either Whitley or Bell County (in eastern Kentucky). The judicial aspect of this position was removed by the 1975 constitutional amendment that reformed the court system. Among other things, the reforms set up the district and circuit courts as the only trial courts and eliminated party-line voting in judicial elections.


Regretfully, Earl's fluffy running-mate remains nameless at present.